Diet for Rosacea -- Do you know the foods to eat for rosacea?

Published: 07th October 2009
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Diet for Rosacea -- Do you know the foods to eat for rosacea?

If you suffer from rosacea like me, you probably wonder about the best foods to eat for rosacea.

Rosacea results from an overly acidic body and skin, which can be caused by a number of factors including physical activity, stress, environment, and perhaps most importantly, diet. Eating a special diet for rosacea is a fairly simple way to prevent flare-ups.

Let's outline a quick diet plan of food to eat for rosacea and also list foods that can cause rosacea flare-ups.

Diet for Rosacea

Your skin is an organ and requires adequate nutrition to function correctly. A diet for rosacea should consist of a variety of healthful foods and certain foods that are known to cause flare-ups should be avoided.

Many common foods and drinks can trigger a rosacea flare-up and it's important to find your own triggers and change your daily routine to prevent aggravating the condition.

Some types of food and drinks, such as meat, cheese, alcohol, and stimulants like coffee and cigarettes, form acids when processed by the body.

Other foods, primarily fruits and vegetables, are alkaline-forming, which helps to neutralize acids. By following a healthy diet rich in alkaline-forming foods, you can balance your body and reduce your rosacea symptoms while improving your overall health.

My recommendation for the best rosacea diet should be to avoid or limit the following foods:

-Citrus fruits and juices, red plums, tomatoes, raisins and cholocate

-Yogurt, cheese, sour cream, avacados,

-Seasonings like soy sauce, MSG, vinegar, and yeast extract

-Meats and seafood such as liver, lobster and pawns

-Alcoholic drinks such as beer, bourbon, red wine, gin or vodka and hot drinks, including hot chocolate, coffee and tea can also aggravate rosacea.

Diet for Rosacea - foods to eat for rosacea

Following a rosacea diet rich in alkaline-forming foods will help prevent flare-ups . . . and improve your overall health.

-Eat plenty of vegetables, especially salad greens and sprouts

-Whole grains, seeds and nuts

-Chicken and fish

-Seaweed is also good for the skin and helps eliminate dampness

-Cherries, blackberries and blueberries are vascular constrictors, which actually assist in reducing redness

-Drink 10-12 glasses of water a day between meals

I have also found it beneficial to include in your diet three servings a week from the Omega-3 supplements. These are essential fatty supplements that will help in providing an overall balanced diet as well as easing the discomfort that comes with ocular rosacea.

Treatment for Rosacea

In addition to a rosacea diet, you might consider a natural treatment.

Treatment from the inside will detoxify and rebuild the body and prevent the problems from coming back in the future.

An extremely effective product that contains only safe and natural ingredients is offered

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While a proper rosacea diet can help improve rosacea skin conditions, using the effective natural topical treatments and taking the right supplements can provide you with long term relief from rosacea symptoms and stop it from spreading and causing further damage to your skin.

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